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Get the edge for your GST Needs

Marg GST Pro Comes from the most preffered ERP solution of the nation, serving customers since past two decades. It is not just a software, its your smart sales manager, which know how to server your customer better. This new Pro solution will give you the edge in GST on your competition.

Making your business more organized with the new GST PRO

The stress which you bear looking after your business will be over with our new GST Pro. GST PRO will assure the proper management your business in all the possible ways. The software promises easy track of your profit level and the progress of your business level.

Helping you define your trade& Run your business with ease

We are all aware about the final countdown for GST and have the best software which will ease your business operations. Our software will enable entrepreneurs to produce more and also check will also check any type of corruption from the taxpayers end.

Managing complex Stocks, Products, Movement and Risk

Our new software called GST PRO is going to ease out the complexities f the existing tax system. The new software will help you manage your accounts, record and view all business transactions. The software also assures helping you view real time financial reports.

Assuring Seamless data processing and Security integration

The GST PRO will assure a complete change in the way you do your business.Our expertise and confident team members can definitely assist in this seamless transition

Zero downtime while transition into GST

Our new software will bring about necessary momentum on GST implementation and all the doubts in the minds of small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs will be taken care of with great ease. It would be easy to migrate and transition would be really smooth.

GST implementation made easier

Our software is designed in such a style that the GST implementation would be made in a easier way. This new software would curtail all the shortcomings like tax cascading, levy of excise duty on manufacturing point, lack of uniformity in provisions and rates, thereby easing the taxation procedure.

GST Mobile app

Our new software could be easily installed in the mobile. Our GST mobile app will enable all the tax payer to be well informed of the latest updates on GST.  The Taxpayers would also have a option to send the feedback and contact us if required with a toll-free number or email, at the touch of a button,